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Books About 13- and 14-year-olds: An Overview and a Working List

Note: this blog post is adapted from the May 2023 edition of my newsletter. I’m including this information here so it’s easier for people to find and share, but in general I’ve switched from blogging to newsletter-ing, so if you’d like to read my monthly-ish updates, reflections, and insights, you can subscribe to my free… Read more »

The story of my new book SAINT IVY! (So far…)

If we’re connected on social media, then you probably saw me post a few weeks ago about my new book deal. I’m very excited that I will have a third middle grade novel out in the spring of 2021, assuming all goes according to plan! That seems very far away, I know. But it takes… Read more »

Upper MG Books for Older Middle School Readers…and My New Book Deal!

Last Thursday, I wrote a guest post for a wonderful site called Project Mayhem about the importance of “gray area” novels: upper middle grade books that appeal to sixth to eighth graders and that people in the publishing world have sometimes been wary of, because they’re a bit too old for traditional middle grade but a bit… Read more »